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Remember, like our classes Education is Entertaining! Check out these great videos and updates in the world of CPR/AED & First Aid Training.

Go Red For Women!

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Funny & Informative Videos Below

What isn’t Caught on Video

When we see people jump into action in videos it’s hard to believe we could do that ourselves. YOU CAN! We are only as good as the training we receive in an emergency. There are people saving lives each and every day, people like me and you, who are not professionals. CPR/AED and First Aid Training allows us to rise to the occasion with or without cameras rolling.

“Heroes are simply people taking action; when action is needed”

Scott Campbell, Owner

Training in Action

AED Saves 7th Grader

In Alaska, or any place, we never know when the unthinkable may occur. In this video a healthy child goes into heart failure. This is the time where CPR/AED and First Aid Training are most crucial. Thankfully in this video the teachers are trained and prepared with an AED. Are you ready to use your CPR/AED and First Aid training?

Bringing People Back to Life

In this video a Heartsine AED is used to bring a man back from death. CPR/AED and First Aid training is much more than a certification; it’s a chance to make a difference!