Hero For Life’s Staff are always growing and we have instructors that care

about more than getting someone certified, its about preparing people to

save lives when the time calls for it and feel confident when they do it.

Brian is the Founder of Skilled Missions  Alaska,  This group serves rural Alaska in  need of construction and repair of homes  and more. www.skilledmissions.com   Brian holds a MA in Counseling, and is a  seasoned Instructor with more than 500  people trained. He enjoys educating others  using his own experiences to help bring a  more realistic picture of the situations you  may face.
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Brian Whitson, MA:


Hero For LIfe CPR & First Aid Training is always  looking for talented instructors to join our team on a  part-time or as needed basis in all areas of the  state. We would love to hear from Certified AHA  Instructors who are looking to be a part of dedicated team, eager to help expand the areas and industries that we already serve and could better serve. Just send your information to: info@heroforlife.com

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